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    Experienced Kind Horses

    The horses have been with us for many years and are much loved as part of the family.  They each have different characters.  They will help you achieve what you want, whether you just want to have a go at carriage driving; are learning to carriage drive as a beginner; progressing onto driving a pair, or you want the experience of trying natural horsemanship with Archie. 


    They have adorable natures - but I am completely biased!






    Archie is now 14 years old, 14.1 hands and is full of mischief.  He is probably an Irish or Welsh cross cob, black with four white socks and a blaze on his face, Bobby and Lady Gigi.  He has a very inquisitive nature and tends to follow you around, enjoying human company, as well as playing with Bob, who is his best friend.  He has been carriage driving for the last 10 years and has been with us since he was a yearling.

    This photo is of Archie driven as a pair with Roger in Newtown, Isle of Wight.

    Archie drives as a pair with Lady Gigi and with Bob. Although he is a good hand size smaller than Gigi, because he holds his head up well, they don't look so different in size.  It's a relief that their paces match so well (they all walk and trot at the same speed).  Archie has to work a lot harder with Gigi, so we manage to cover the distance rather faster than we did with Roger and Archie driving together. Archie and Bob drive surprisingly well together and enjoy each other's company.  They play together a lot.  We drove Archie and Bob for the first time together in June 2014 and took them on holiday driving as a pair on the Isle of Wight three weeks later.

    Archie is my favourite horse to drive as part of a pair.  He keeps you on your toes!

    Photo of Archie and Gigi on the Marlborough Downs sponsored drive for the RDA.  Photo courtesy of Hazel Woodbridge.

    Lady Gigi


    Lady Gigi (formally known as Gee Gee!) is 15 years old and is a lovely ride and drive mare.  She is 15.1hh and is a pretty coloured cob, possibly Gypsy bred as she is so settled and calm.  She has lovely feathers and a long flowing mane.  She has a steady walk and trot and she is also works as a pair with Archie and Bob. 

    Gigi is a lovely, kind horse to drive and covers the longer distances when learning to drive.  She's also beautiful!


    Bobby is a traditional Gypsy coloured cob, 14 hands ride and drive.  He is adorable and full of character.  We've had him since July 2011 and he is part of the family.  He gets on best with Archie and Gigi.  He's a lovely driving pony. 

    This is a photo of Bob and Archie, driving along a by way across a golf course on the Isle of Wight.  We managed to miss the golf balls!

    Bob is a good horse to drive when you are first starting and gaining experience. He is interested in everything around him and has a heart of gold. He is utterly adorable.

    "Since 2009, I have shown hundreds of people the basics of how to carriage drive in a kind way, respectful of the horses and the environment.  I have driven for over 25 years and it feels good to give other people the opportunity to have a go at driving amazing horses.  Everything we do is about kindness to the horses.  They give their permission to let us drive.  We earn that permission through kindness to them in how we drive and treat them.  They have wonderful natures too - and yes, I am completely biased about them."


    When clients come for a carriage drive, they usually finish with a big smile on their faces, beaming in the glow of learning a different way with horses and gaining a sense of well-being from being out in the open countryside and getting closer to horses and nature.  

    Stephanie’s approach to carriage driving is that it is good fun, but the safety of the trainee whip (driver), passengers, horses and other road users is of paramount importance.  She gives carriage driving instruction using the traditional Coaching method of carriage driving as it is probably the safest method of driving and is recommended by the British Driving Society.

    "The patience and teaching skills Stephanie has shown are highly commendable!  The   session was presented in a first class manner - clearly and concisely from

    start to finish and I have learnt so much.  Many thanks".  L Bishop  

    Stephanie has spent much of her career as a Management Consultant and Business Management lecturer plus author of two books for lawyers (she has an MBA, and is a Chartered Marketer) so understands the different ways people learn, and adjusts her training style to suit the preferred method of learning for the individual concerned.  This way, people tend to learn more quickly and get greater enjoyment from it. http://www.cpd-uk.co.uk  

    Stephanie drives singles and pairs and plans to drive three horses side by side as her next project.


    Her aim is to encourage more people into this wonderful sport whether they have had any experience with horses or not.  Carriage driving is an exceptional skill to learn, and one that very few people in this country ever have the opportunity to experience.  Driving with Stephanie will give you the thrill of working with extraordinary horses, gaining their trust and co-operation so that both they and you have a great time carriage driving and you will gain a memory to last a lifetime.                 

    Stephanie has passed the British Driving Society (BDS) Preliminary and Intermediate exams; the BDS Carriage Driving Road Driving Assessment Test and the WATO Certificate of Competence (Welfare of Animals in Transport).  Stephanie also successfully completed the Emergency First Aid for the Workplace course.   In 2011, she passed the PTTLS teaching adults course through Bolton University to gain a government 'licence' to teach adults.

    Stephanie was Assistant Commissioner British Driving Society Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire.

                                        01666 505051 or 07977 480144


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