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    Contact us: 01666 505051 or 07977 480144 or  cotswoldcarriagedriving@yahoo.co.uk

    We wear hard hats, Hi viz jackets, boots or shoes with a good grip and gloves.  We will supply the hi viz jackets and gloves.  You will need to bring a hard hat, riding or cycling.


    Following government guidelines:

    Please bring your own face mask and gloves, or we will provide them.

    We treat risk, health and safety really seriously and so go into a lot of detail.  Much of it is common sense and obvious, but we cover it anyway.  We thread it through most of what we do and will talk about it and practice aspects of it as a sensible element of this wonderful sport.  Just in the same way that you automatically put a seat belt on when driving, our approach to safety is an automatic part of carriage driving.

    We will give a full health and safety briefing before you get on the carriage.

    When we drive in the fields and along tracks, they can be bumpy and so may not be suitable for people with a bad back.  If you suffer from any health issues, please advise the trainer and when making the booking. Please telephone us on 01666 505051 or 07977 480144 to discuss any issue which you think could affect your ability to carriage drive or affect your enjoyment of the outing.

    To take part in carriage driving and receive carriage driving instruction, people need to be reasonably agile to be able to climb onto and off the carriage.

    High visibility on the roads is essential to give other road users time to react.  High visibility jackets or vests will be supplied for the duration of the drive or please bring your own.

    Outer clothing: Like most outdoor activities, it is best to bring along waterproof clothing and wear comfortable clothes suitable for the season.  We can usually store extra clothes on the carriage, if you don't want to wear them. We will provide high visibility jackets\vests and gloves. 

    Footwear: Wellington boots, stout shoes or trainers (flat shoes with a good grip) provide suitable footwear - not riding boots. 

    Gloves: We will provide thin gloves for when you are carriage driving, or bring your own riding or cotton ones with rubber bobbles on the palms.

    Hats: It is traditional to wear a hat when carriage driving.  We do not provide hard hats, please bring a hard hat (riding standard (BS)EN1384),  or cycling hat. You will need to wear a hard hat when you or any passengers are on the carriage.


    We follow current government guidelines. Please bring face masks and gloves - or we will provide them.

                                    01666 505051 or 07977 480144


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