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    01666 505051 or 07977 480144 or cotswoldcarriagedriving@yahoo.co.uk


    Two Hour Taster session:  £130.00 for one person;  £120.00 per person for two people
    Half Day Lesson (3.5hrs): £160.00 for one person;  £130.00 per person for two people

    One or more Full Days

    £275.00 for one person;  £230.00 per person for two people

    Passenger: £60.00

    When there is more than one person, the training time on the carriage is shared between the participants, as there is one trainer.  This gives an opportunity to listen, watch, absorb and reflect on the training given which aids the learning process.

    Pre-Pub Lunch Carriage Drives or Morning\Afternoon\Evening (evening ~ summer time only) Carriage Drive
    For two people, a carriage drive along country roads, the two thousand year old Fosse Way track\by way and and through a lovely Cotswold Village before returning to the farm, then, if desired, drive in your car to the Horse Guards pub at Brokenborough less than 10mins away for a leisurely meal. You will be taught the safety aspects of carriage driving before you get on the carriage, and shown how the harness is put on the horse and the carriage attached. You may have an opportunity to drive the horse for a short distance. £195.00 (excluding lunch).

    HAVE A GO AT CARRIAGE DRIVING GIFT VOUCHERS for an unusual present. Book

    and pay by PayPal, cheque or bank transfer. Contact Us & Booking Form

    Gift vouchers are available for any of the above.  A Carriage Driving Gift Voucher provides an unusual present for a special occasion or to say thank you.  This is definitely one present that can't be put in the cupboard!  Payment is due in full when ordering the

    Gift Voucher. Gift vouchers are valid for six months.

    With the exception of Gift Vouchers, a 25% non-returnable deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance is required four weeks before the activity date.  100% payment in cash or cleared cheque is required for bookings made within four weeks of the activity date or cash on the day for last minute bookings.

    To avoid any misunderstandings, here are our Terms and Conditions.

    Cotswold Carriage Driving.co.uk and Learn To Carriage Drive.co.uk is owned and operated by S F Dale, hereafter called the “Operator”.  The person making the booking or taking part in the carriage drive or training is hereafter called the “Client”.

    The safety of our passengers, members of the public, our horses and other road users is of paramount importance. 

    The details listed under Health, Safety and What to Wear are deemed to be part of the Terms and Conditions.

    Although the horses are generally well behaved, horses can be unpredictable and even potentially dangerous if they feel threatened or frightened so it is the Clients’ responsibility to be aware of this fact and to inform anyone who comes into contact the horses of this fact.  Clients and passengers ride on the carriage and are around the horses at their own risk.  The Operator cannot be held liable for the bodily injury or property damage or death except where required to do so under the law.  The Operator is fully insured.

    There are to be no sudden movements or loud noises, fireworks, shouting, party poppers, car horns, flash photography or dogs for example, in the vicinity of the horses.

    Horses wear blinkers so cannot see anything approaching from the side or rear. Always approach quietly and speak to the horse(s) if approaching from the side or rear.  Whenever possible, approach from the front, so they can see you.

    No children can approach the horse(s) without the supervision of a member of Cotswold Carriage Driving.co.uk.  Children under the ages of fourteen years must be accompanied by a responsible adult when they are on or near the carriage. 

    Keep hands and feet inside the carriage at all times. Smoking is not allowed on the premises, in the carriage or in the vicinity of the horses.

    Only those listed on the booking form can get on the carriage.  No-one can get on or off the carriage without the express instruction of the driver or assistant.  Accidents can happen as people get on or off the carriage as the horse(s) may move, so only embark or disembark how the operator or assistant advises as well as when they advise it.

    The welfare of the horses is essential. As horses can suffer injury or sickness, the Operator reserves the right to cancel a booking at any time, in which case, a full refund will be given, if a date cannot be rearranged. This is only likely to happen if both horses are unable to drive. If a situation arises that, in the sole opinion of the Operator, it could affect the legality or compromise the safety of the passengers, students or horses (such as: the weather is too severe for the horses or the road conditions, government guidelines or other reasons), the Operator reserves the right to cancel the carriage drive and give a full refund.

    If the client cancels the booking after the final payment has been paid, the Operator will rearrange a further date(s), where available and possible, providing the cancellation is more than four weeks before the booked date or following government guidelines.  The alternative date is subject to an additional fee of 25% of the full fee (excluding Operator’s travel expenses. Not applicable if the cancellation is as a result of following government guidelines).   If the client cancels after the deposit has been paid, the deposit is forfeited. If the deposit is paid, but the balance of the full amount is not paid by four weeks before the date booked, the date will be cancelled. A further date can be arranged within six months, otherwise the deposit is forfeited.  If the client cancels after the full payment has been made and an alternative date cannot be agreed, and the drive or training is not delivered within six months, the full fee will be forfeited.  There is no return of the fee paid for cancellations within four weeks unless following government guidelines.

    Dates will only be reserved with full payment.

                                   01666 505051 or 07977 480144 


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